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Capturing Moments: The BUMP

Monday, March 09, 2015tee

I've always been one who wants to capture moments and milestones through photographs. And the camwhore in me loves having my photos getting taken, of course, so every opportunity that there's a chance to have a non-professional or professional shoot, I'd gladly take it. :)

Our prenup shoot had been a couple of years back, and J had been so adamant not to do one again because behind the smiles and lovely photographs, is a very long and tiring day behind the scenes. I say it's worth it, though.

I had always wanted to do a maternity shoot, but with the baby coming and moving into the new place, we decided not to splurge on a shoot and just have a fun DYI photoshoot on our own. That way, we can control our own time, have a light and fun bonding session and it wouldn't be too awkward posing with the bump and all. At the same time, I cannot do away with it totally - it's not always that one gets pregnant and sports a huge bump, so better capture this moment and  the stage of our lives we are at right now.

Since I wanted to go out and about and date as a couple while we still can, it was the perfect time to hit two birds with a stone. Here's our attempt at a simple shoot featuring the bump during a family outing at Montsalvat. (I'll blog about the European-inspired place soon). 

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