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My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Monday, March 09, 2015tee

In between bouts of nausea and morning (or evening) sickness, hormonal changes, a blocked bladder and retroverted uterus, a low-lying placenta and a probable elective CS (thank God the placenta moved and CS was now cancelled!), much-needed weight gain and skin changes, pregnancy isn't exactly what I would call a walk in a park. Regardless, I always tell and remind myself how a tiny being is growing inside me and it keeps me in awe of God's design and power. That in itself is a blessing and a miracle J and I will always ponder upon. 

As I near the end of the proverbial line with a few weeks down the road, I have made a list of things that helped me through the past months, my so-called pregnancy essentials. Every pregnancy is special and different, but these are the things that have helped me with mine.

The science behind the sea band was based on acupunture points for nausea and morning sickness. The good thing about it is medicine-free. L gave this pair to me on my birthday a year ago because she knew I always get seasick when I travel and we've been doing a fair bit of traveling during that time. Little did I know the seaband would also save me from the dizziness that came during the first trimester of my pregnancy especially when I had my own share of traveling during the first trimester (with the OB's go-signal, of-course!). It was hard to explain to people why I was wearing bands when we didn't want to come out with the pregnancy yet. At some point, J would just say, "It's the new fashion thing in Singapore. " haha!

Google has been a good friend since days of planning for a baby, much-especially to first-timers like us. A handful of free apps are also available providing much needed information and advise as well as guides on what to expect during the 9 months, on a week-by-week basis. My favorites would have to be the classic book which comes in an app too "What to expect when you're expecting", "Baby Center" and "The Bump".  A lot of handy apps are also available which allows you to check symptoms and check for food safety (For this I have Ovia), though I must stress that a doctor's sound advise must not be replaced by Google or any other app.

Many moms-to-be swear by Bio Oil for avoiding stretchmarks, and while stretchmarks generally comes with the pregnancy territory and has something to do with our genetic make-up, we try as much as we could to dab a little oil here and there to see if it helps. Better try than not try at all. :) It helps relieves the itchiness too and boy, has my tummy been very itchy lately.

I've long been suffering from acid reflux way before I got pregnant. Pregnancy just brought it to a new level - I guess, haha! I hear some moms-to-be gulp this stuff straight from the bottle. Anyone say, "Bottoms up" ? I am thankful I only had use for this for a few months, apparently, I've been "carrying low". 

I used to shove vitamins at the back of my mind, but being pregnant with a list of off-limits medicine, needless to say, keeping healthy through vitamins and prenatals (and of course through a healthy, well-balanced diet) is definitely a must for both mother and child. It was when I got the flu and the doctor told me to basically suck it up and take lemon with honey that I realized that I shouldn't be too forgetful with taking my Vitamin C dose too. 

I once told J that once I get pregnant, I'll stretch my wardrobe as much as I could and wouldn't buy maternity clothes ever. Maternity clothing seemed impractical to buy and just wear for a few months, plus eeep, there was just an ugly ring to it. Maybe because I would always link maternity clothes to the daster-like dresses that moms used to wear before. Thanks to stretchy and flowy dresses and blouses, most of my clothes still fit but I realized that they aren't as flattering as maternity clothes and gave me a "she's getting fat" look instead of "aah, she's pregnant" look. Thankfully, maternity clothing doesn't mean daster and losyang nowadays, and one can still dress nicely and be fashionable while pregnant. (Oh yeah, vanity.) So I went ahead, ate my words and bought a few maternity basics to last me for the next months. Just a few and still practical pieces I could use post-pregnancy. After all, I can't be pregnant forever. 

A friend told me to invest early in a body pillow as sleep will be difficult in the later months, so when my back started to ache early on, we went ahead and got one for myself. I like that the body pillow addresses a pregnant woman's "problem areas" with just one product than having to sleep with multiple pillows here and there. It supports my neck, back, side, legs and belly. It also doubles as a nursing pillow when the baby's born, so hurray for multiple purposes!

Being pregnant and experiencing things first-hand gave me a whole new sense of appreciation and respect to all mothers out there, most especially my own. Give your mom your sincerest thanks and a tight hug, will 'ya? :)

Just recently, with weight gain and fluid retention which comes with the territory, I've developed another fun pregnancy symptom: joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome! It started with just a few fingers and my joints sore after sleeping, and then my right wrist finally gave in. It was so painful to do normal chores and stuff that I take for granted. I jokingly say that it feels like I have arthritis, and carpal tunnel tends to be something that is common in our line of work (those who face computers and type the whole day), but it's not fun at all! Thankfully, this (last piece) of wrist band from the chemist does wonders when I sleep that I don't mind the mild discomfort of sleeping with a splint or feeling that I am looking alot like Robocop. 

I look back and imagine what I've put J through for the past months and can't be thankful enough. We're not perfect, but I am happy he's been very supportive and hands-on in his own ways as we both prepare for the little one. He's been the one pushing me to exercise and walk when I just feel like lazing around, and have even joined the no-sushi and no-wine club with me! It's been a blessing to have this patient guy around with my mood and hormonal swings and listening to every whine and complaint. He had even stopped wearing perfume when I started to have super-smell powers. :)

So yeah, that's my list of pregnancy must-haves. Anything else on your list? :) 

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