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Sunday, March 01, 2015tee

When washi tapes have conquered everyone else, I was just sitting idly admiring their photos and crafts. I knew I don't have the patience, time and talent (excuses but true, haha!) to come up with whatever crafty and creative projects that they are doing. Let the experts do it. It was just too much work and too hard for me. I have no creative bone in my body - nada, zilch.

With a few washi tapes on-hand and a bit of creativity and a lot of time on Pinterest for some inspiration (yes I swear by PINterest for a lot of things), the possibilities and projects are almost endless. 

Just a disclaimer, I am not a washi-expert and I don't have a creative bone in my body. I am one who draws stick figures and pass them off for people at school assignments and projects and got away with it, haha. I just began with my washi obsession but I am enjoying this new hobby and how many things you can do with washi tape. 

Here's what I was able to do so far:


My first washi project ever. I had a long overdue travel-related project and I wanted to spruce things up a bit so added these washified letters into the mix.

Final output: I incorporated the letters into the project and here it is, my travel magnet collection. It's my thing to get a magnet for every country visited and these poor magnets have been moving places with me for the last few years tucked in their original packaging, hoping to see the light of day. I've been racking my brains what to do with these babies, and since every one had a story to tell and a whole lot of memories that came along with it, the fridge may not be "IT" for me. Framing and mounting is an issue because it's a growing collection and I don't intend on stopping soon. Thankfully, finally found the time, the space and materials to make it happen.

Have been on the lookout for some brush organizers and finally decided to upcycle some glass jars instead. Up until now, since our move, I haven't found any decent brush holder yet so my brushes have been sitting in their rolls for the last few months. Perks of moving and unpacking. Got inspired to reuse old glass coffee bottles (was originally thinking of mason jars but they were too small) and washi-fy them and here they are! Simple, quick, easy to do and dainty. Now if I could  just find that perfect French Provencal vanity table.

Some people dread Christmas because of the wrapping and endless shopping that comes with this wonderful season of gift-giving. Not me! I love shopping, giving and receiving gifts and I enjoy wrapping gifts! There's just this unexplainable high I get thinking about the receiver and imagining their reaction when they unwrap the gift. Obviously, I need to master my craft and the hands are not helping with a really bad case of carpal tunnel in the middle of wrapping these gifts, but practice makes perfect and I look forward to getting more wrapping done in the future! 

Wanted to do some fondant cupcakes but haven't had the time to experiment with it so have been racking my mind what to do to spruce up the cupcakes so they still look festive and cute. Finally decided on the last minute to make a naked cake out of the cupcake recipe instead for Vday. I needed frosting (lesser by the way, so I wouldn't be too guilty), because I didn't have powdered sugar and it'd be too bare without anything on it. With a little bit of toothpick, baker's twine, and some washi (and a handy-dandy label maker) a simple yet pretty Vday cake! 

As I was rounding up these projects I realized that I have incorporated washi into my hobbies and things that I am passionate about - travel, baking, wrapping gifts and beauty/makeup. Can't wait to do more stuff with washi, I'm hooked! Next project would probably be baby/nursery-related. ;) 

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