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Brighton Beach

Tuesday, April 07, 2015tee

Another long weekend. Truth be told, J and I are still adjusting to life with a baby, and a newborn at that. I've been so scared to go out of the house but I've been trying to adjust and slowly ease out and be confident going out with bub in tow. It started from small trips to the mall, to family dinners, then to attending church. After all, I can't stay forever at home and lock myself up in our room, right? Partly the adventurer in me wants to go out and see places again. Plus, I didn't want to put the last day of a long weekend to waste, and since Brighton Beach and its colorful bathing boxes have always been one of the go-to lists, it was high-time to start crossing off places to visit again. 

It started as a sunny autumn's afternoon and ended particularly chilly. But seeing the picturesque bathing boxes, and enjoying the time with family, however short it was, was worth it. It was a much needed breath of fresh air for me - and a chilly autumn's breeze at that! And what'd you know, it was our little man's official first trip to the city! I think this young man's going to be an adventurer, just like mommy.  Start them young, right?

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