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You're growing up too fast, bub

Monday, April 13, 2015tee

Today marks Jaden Kaleb's, our little man's, first month. Yep, it's been a month since that day we welcomed him into our arms and our lives. It's been a month since life, as we knew it, changed. It's been a month since bub was born, and it's been a month since we've been born into parenthood as well. It's been a month since I realized that I could hold so much love that you feel you're about to burst. That, and knowing pain that you've never experienced ever before. I never totally comprehended or understood what a mother goes through until I became one, and everything that entails with it, and the immense and irreplaceable joy that comes with it that you wouldn't ever trade it for anything in the whole world.

How time flies so quickly, much so when you don't have any sleep, haha! :)

But seriously, a lot has happened and changed in a span of a month and the bub has gone through one huge growth spurt. Don't grow up too fast, little one. For now, I'll be enjoying him at this phase, while he's still so small and fragile, and while he can still fit in my arms.

P.S. Photographing a baby is such a challenge. Behind every photo you see posted in social media is a gazillion other photos. Seriously. I must have snapped quite a lot and have only a few favorites. Another washi project I plan to incorporate in every monthly shoot is also present here, something for the nursery or the little man's room, hopefully. I never really got to officially nest while waiting for bub, but I had a strong urge to complete the washi project one day. Right then and there, no excuses. Hours after I completed the project, I started feeling contractions. I guess it was my way of "nesting" and my body telling me it was almost time. Hopefully, I could do this monthly thing without fail. It'd be a great way to look back how time passed by and be thankful for each and every day where memories are made. I only regret not doing a "newborn" shoot earlier, bub has already grown alot since the day we welcomed him in our arms!

"Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."  
- A. A. Milne

Hey little man,
May your days be filled with adventures - be it big or small.
May you find awe and wonder in every day little things.
May you be surrounded with much love and support.
May your heart be filled with grace and gratitude.
May you be blessed knowing God, trusting Him and His ways.

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