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Beauty Finds: Nars Blush, Benefit High Beam and then some

Thursday, June 11, 2015tee

Another beauty product round-up, just because. It took me forever to post this, but yeah, these still remain my favourites to date.

A light, sheer peachy shade which I find wearable on fair-medium skin tones. I love that it gives a natural-looking flush and is buildable and long-lasting. It's easily understandable why Deep Throat (along with Orgasm) is a cult favourite. I find that Deep Throat works well with my NC35 skin and I find that of all my blushes, it's the one I can proudly claim would last the entire day. I understand the love for Orgasm though, but I find that Deep Throat is a glitter-free version of Orgasm and something I can rock on a daily basis.

Marketed as "SuperModel in a bottle", this product caught my eye when I was looking for good recommendations for a highlighter. Of course, it got me, unfortunately I don't wake up with radiant and glowing skin like 'em supermodels! :) Since the Benefit products I've tried did not disappoint me, I gave this one a go. An ethereal pink highlighter, this products gives a dewy and radiant complexion. It comes with a nail polish-like applicator and packaging, so it was easy to dab the product away. It may come off as glittery as first look, but it's so subtle and natural that nobody can tell! Use as a highlighter or mix with your BB cream/liquid foundation for that added oomph and radiant glow. Just like 'em supermodels. 

My current drugstore favourite sunblock. Light-weight and leaves skin with a matte-like, powdery, sheer texture after application.  I personally prefer sunblock (and makeup) which is a bit matte partially because of the humid/hot weather and I find this perfect especially for summer when the heat tends to be ridiculously crazier than the usual. The sunblock is relatively affordable too, and is readily available at the supermarket and leading drug stores, at least in Singapore. :)

A bottle from L for me to try. Thick and creamy, this lightly-scented facial sunblock is light enough to use as a base before foundation or bb cream. It leaves skin with a bit of translucent and hydrated feel, so this may not be something you'd want if you want to appear matte and powdery after sunblock! It doesn't leave a white film of "hello there, I've just put on sunblock!" product too.The fragrance is lightly-scented and it doesn't irritate or bother me at all, plus it goes away quickly.  The PA rating is also quite high so it's your best protection against harmful UV rays. Because I personally prefer a matte look, I find that this sunblock may work best for me when the weather's not too hot, though this can be an all-arounder.

One my of skin problems is that it tends to be dull-looking so products targeting on how to get that radiant skin is something most beauty attendants would recommend to me. Shu Uemura's Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator Essense promises a more youthful and radiant skin after just 7 days. This product is not a new discovery, but I gave this product another go after months of stopping of on-and-off usage and I find it helps a bit with helping brighten my face a bit. I'm still on a lookout for other serums, so lookout for future posts. :)

Aah, BB cream. It is often said that Asian brands usually have better-formulated BB creams compared to its Western counterparts and I find that this BB cream just hits the spot. Not too thick and just the amount not to make me feel cakey and icky. Like the Snow BB Cream Cushion, this product has a light smell too, but it didn't bother me very much and it tends to wear off after a few minutes of application.

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