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Milestone of sorts: half-year birthday

Sunday, September 13, 2015tee

Before I became a parent, there were a lot of parent practices that felt a little off to me. Like filling my timeline with toothless photos of the little bugger in every angle humanly possible or buying a cake for the little one every month the baby turns older. Now I totally get it and can relate! While I haven't become that mom who feels the need to flood social media with the little guy's antics and milestones, my phone has become full of his every move and milestone, and simple every day memories that we make and share. Milestones and little wins need to be celebrated because time flies by so fast and we need to look back and be grateful for what has been and look forward to what is to come. Especially during the first year where milestones happen left and right, birth weight triples, and a lot of firsts occur. It is an irony to say that time indeed flies so fast but yet so snail-like at the same time when you are at the moment, much especially to sleep-deprived parents who got the shock of their lives when they brought home a newborn! 

You are the oldest you have been and the youngest you'll ever be today. He won't be small forever and the best we could do is enjoy and cherish every moment, especially now that he hasn't gained his independence and relies so much on us. 

Six months went by and here we are, grateful for the gift of life and relationships and family. Six months, whoa! That's six months of nappy changes, feedings, on and off fussy moments and bouts of sleeplessness, haha. But seriously, that's also six months of happy memories, coaxing and guiding a little bub, and proud stage mother moments at the littlest achievements and milestones.

I remember the first major milestone of sorts - the smile. Oh, how we melted at the sight of the sweetest, toothless grin in the world. Then came rolling over and how we coaxed him for days to switch from tummy to back, and then back to tummy. And the pride beaming inside me when he finally did it! I was literally blinking tears and mentally smacking myself for not having a camera on-hand. I understand and have a deeper appreciation of parents and parenthood now, and how fortunate I am to be able to witness first-hand everything in this first year of firsts. And it makes me immensely grateful to my parents as well, to have been through of a tiny fraction of what they went through and experienced with me and my siblings!

Six months also mean that we're not that new of a parent yet, yet somehow we still belong under the "new" parent category. We're not experts or veterans yet! But our skills, I'd like to believe, have improved and we aren't as lost as we once were as in day one. Cries have become something I've gotten used to by now. I'm proud to say I don't flinch and panic at cries anymore, dirty nappies don't bother me anymore, and I have gotten to be an expert of sorts in multi-tasking. Indeed, time taught us all too well to master otherwise alien skills to us - quick nappy changes in the dark, cleaning bottles, preparing solid foods, entertaining (distracting) a baby, and the famous rocking the pram in the place skill just so bub can sleep. And yes, the list goes on.

Looking at Jaden, we're blessed to have a very happy baby. Little bub has been a ray of sunshine, with smiles and giggles to brighten even the gloomiest of days. Even with sick with a cold, Jaden manages to give us a toothy smile and then everything else won't matter, the sleeplessness goes away (with coffee of course!) and the so-called sacrifices, doesn't feel like you're giving up anything at all. They become something worth it, such a little price to pay for something so awesome and amazing and priceless. True, we may lose sleep, and in most ways, spontaneity, but we gained so much more. 

So yes, milestone celebrations and firsts are indeed a big deal. It's the everyday and what goes on in the background that we celebrate. True, there will be alot of sleepless nights probably until he turns 18, a lot of nerve-wracking experiences, and we might second-guess ourselves of times especially when raising him, but this makes it all the more beautiful. We continuously pray for God's wisdom to raise Jaden in His ways, and to be the parents he has meant for us to be.

To you, little man, happy half-year! You have changed our lives and we couldn't imagine you not be a part of it. Looking at you, curious and in awe of everything you encounter, appreciating every mediocre object or event, laughing at the silliest  of things, making us pause in our tracks and realise to be grateful for the littlest of things, especially things that have become so ordinary that we tend to take for granted. Never lose that child-like awe of the world, because only then you'd realise how blessed you truly are.  Know that you are loved so much and we look forward to see you grow up. But not too fast!

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