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Mornington Peninsula Day Trip

Monday, October 05, 2015tee

Long weekend, woot woot! Weekends make me happy, and since we rarely have holidays, long weekends make me happier! Since the bub's a bit older, it's time to explore again and go for long drives, our first to actually hit the 1+ hour mark since the pregnancy. 

Mornington Peninsula is definitely one of the places in my go-to list. So many wonderful and lovely views to see, and sights to go to. Plus, the beach! With that said, I rest my case. 

141 Point Nepean RoadDromanaVictoria 3936

An unplanned lunch. I had the cafes and pizzerias and fish and chips restos listed but unfortunately it was a holiday and the places we've checked were closed. It was almost 1 PM and we were getting hungry so we decided to have some chinese food once we arrived. I read that the place is recently opened this year so you cannot find a lot of reviews online yet. The food was good and decent, though it felt and looked that most of the food we're ordered came back as stir-fry with veggies and meat. We had homemade steamed dumplings and it was actually nice. The staff was friendly pretty accommodating. It was easy to get a table for big group like ours during that time.

Arthurs Seat Rd, Dromana, Victoria 3936

When we reached the summit and saw the seat I had to say that Arthur most be one lucky guy. He has a huge seat overlooking the peninsula and what a wonderful view it was! It was a hot day but I could just imagine spending cooler afternoons just chilling and sitting at the chair admiring the picturesque view for free. We walked to the Enchanted Maze and Tree Adventure but decided on not going inside. The others went ahead to Seawinds Garden which was one of the attractions.

On our way up to Arthur's Seat, we passed by several lookouts and it was pretty impressive, actually. Overlooking the peninsula and the sea, it was an awesome sight. When we were about to go to our next stop we made a wrong turn, we made a brief stop and managed to snap some photos. I have to say that I liked the view better at the lookout than the one at the summit. 
It was so beautiful seeing the shades of blue and the outline of the 
peninsula that this photo didn't give it justice. 


420 Cape Schanck Road, Cape Schanck, VIC 3939

A fully-functional lighthouse. We didn't do the guided tour to the lighthouse as we were pressed for time. We admired the lighthouse from afar, and it was a standout beauty. We took the trail to the boardwalk down to Pebble Beach. It's not "wheels-friendly"; so prams, wheelchairs could not go there. Little man was sleeping so J had to stay in the car with him and miss the view. It would have been cool to enjoy the view with J and Jaden. Oh well, next time when he's bigger and heavier, haha. The little girl, however, was up and the parents had to take turns carrying her. It was a 750-meter trek down a dirt path and the boardwalk. Getting close to the waves and admiring the rock formations, and seeing the pebbles and the beach was well worth it. It was a good day and we had a wonderful weather to do that too, as it might get slippery and risky when it rains or in windy days.
Our "we're going trekking!!!" selfie. 

What a view!

It's a long way down with a dirt path and a boardwalk but with this view while walking, 
why would you ever complain?

Down at Pebble beach with the sister.

There were still a few places I wanted to go to in my list but we didn't manage to go to all of them as we were pressed for time. The Mornington Peninsula boasts of more activities and attractions that it'd be pretty impossible to cover everything on a day-trip. Oh well, the good thing about being a local is that you can always go back and leisurely explore some more. That, we'd certainly do - one weekend, and long weekend at a time.

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