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Eli's Monster Bash

Monday, November 09, 2015tee

Little Eli has just turned one and threw an awesome Monster Bash! It was our first kiddie party to attend with Jaden in tow and we certainly had so much fun from dressing up to enjoying the activities at the party. 

The theme of the party was to dress up as your favourite "kid-friendly" monster. Perfect timing as it's halloween weekend so looking for "easy" costumes and props was not an issue for us. Since I'm not a DIY mum when it comes to costumes and stitching and that sort, it had to be something store-bought, at the same time, inexpensive and could be paired with casual clothes as we'd be going to church after the party. We certainly didn't want to give anyone a heart attack!

Here are some photos taken during the party.

Monster cupcakes and birthday cake.

Cousins Stitch and Minion holding hands and posing for the camera!

Stitch is not in the mood to pose with Aunty. :))

Oh how time flies, I remember how Eli used to be so tiny and fragile as a newborn, and well, he's all a year old. Eep, it'd be Jaden's turn in a few months and I'm not sure I'm ready to face the fact that our baby will no longer a baby soon. Oh well, still have a few months to enjoy this phase. Not too fast, please!

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