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Sydney, Again.

Monday, November 23, 2015tee

Back in Sydney again, with the bub this time. It was our first official family travel, and we had a good weekend spent meeting friends, visiting places and completing stuff at the embassy. 

I wanted a chill weekend so I kept most of our itinerary open since we had visited Sydney previously. We ended up spending a walking tour around the CBD,  visiting places we haven't been to the last time. First stop, Hyde Park and St. Mary's Cathedral. It was nice and lovely to see the colourful blooms fill the city - ah,  how I love spring! 

Outside St. Mary's cathedral.

Little man waiting for his first ever train ride.

Next, we headed off to Martin Place, Queen Victoria Building. 

Royal Botanic Gardens was certainly something a green-thumb (like mum) would appreciate. We took a stroll there as well, leisurely walking through it and appreciating the different flowers in bloom. 

Outside The Government House, alongside the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Next was the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour where we met friends before we called it a day. Truth be told, I would've wanted to visit the Sculpture by the Sea exhibit at Bondi or take the ferry to Manly, but we were pressed for time and we had to prioritise and consider that we had an infant in tow.

Anyhow, it was a rather long city walk, and we were tired at the end of it. Imagine going around the city, not to mention getting lost or going back to the mall to go to the parents' room! J, more than me I suppose, since he was the "muscles" of the family, but it was good to spend it together, like old times. It was good to share something new with Jaden too - hopefully he'll come to appreciate traveling as much we do. It was definitely different lugging an infant around, but it can be done. Jaden had so much fun looking around, exploring curiously at new faces and places. He'd probably won't remember it so I took lots of photos. It was definitely a good trip for us and it got me excited to plan more travels in the future.  

Family photo at the Sydney Opera House. 
It was just J and I a couple of years back, and now Jaden has come to join us.

Harbour Bridge

At Darling Harbour

With my forever travel buddy.

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