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The Verdict: LG CordZero Canister C3

Thursday, November 05, 2015tee

Keeping a home clean and tidy is not an easy feat. I am very particular with keeping our home tidy and presentable much especially since we have a little one who's starting to explore and has the thing for putting anything he picks up on his mouth. It's tricky to balance finding time to clean with the other gazillion things that needs to be done, and lately, the vacuum and I have become a love and hate thing. I (will learn to) love it because I find it's the quickest and efficient way to get the house cleaned, and hate it for the obvious reasons: lugging that heavy machine all around and getting the wire tangled here and there, knocking out things, definitely not fun! 

When the LG CordZero C3 Canister arrived on our doorstep, I was pumped and excited to try it out! A vacuum cleaner doesn't do this to me very often, so yeah, my expectations were a bit high. Thanks to the guys at LG and Social Soup, I have this cool vacuum cleaner to try out.

To be honest, I never gave a fuss over vacuum cleaners. Like I said, it's not exactly something I'd be all giggly about! As long as it does its job and cleans, then well and good, right?

Our vacuum cleaner at home is a mid-range bagless vacuum cleaner which we bought less than a year ago. We also have one handheld vacuum cleaner which J uses to clean the car. Then comes the LG CordZero Canister C3. Apparently, not all vacuums are created equal. A few weeks of trying out the product, we have come up with a verdict: generally, WE LOVE IT!

The practicality of being cordless is basically what got me. Let's face it, the wire can only get you this far before you need to move it to another outlet. That, and you have to be careful not to overstretch the wire or you'll end up with a vacuum unplugged in the middle of cleaning. Not to mention  anything you might knock off that happens to be in the way of the wire. Or the wire getting tangled. Or getting yourself tripped over because of the wire! These have all happened to me, and I think something most vacuum cleaner users have experienced too. Do I see nods in unison? Before it was restricting on where you could vacuum. Sometimes, when there's just no power outlet available, or heaven forbid - no power, then there's just no way! One thing with the old vacuum was that I felt restricted and limited with the range that I could vacuum on depending on the outlet's location. With the CordZero, this was not a problem. Talk about convenience.

Thing about it being cordless is that you can bring it to places where no other vacuum cleaner has gone! We don't have a porch or a deck, but I would imagine it'd be pretty convenient to use this vacuum on these places too.

I wanted a compact product and something I could lug around with ease. Lugging around the old vacuum was a mini-workout by itself, which is either a bad or good thing, depends on how you see it. I used to do my vacuuming by sections because of the lifting and lugging and moving around. It was "plug, vacuum and unplug" on repeat. It was just too much work that I wouldn't want to do it in one go. Because it is compact, storage was easy with the CordZero. When disassembled, I could fit it in our storage and maximise whatever small amount of space we have left. Aside from the "park" mode, there's also a slot for "storage" which is more economical in terms of space when you want to tuck your vacuum cleaner somewhere. Because seriously, who has the time and patience to assemble, disassemble and store a vacuum cleaner regularly?

Battery life was one thing that concerned me too. What if the vacuum cleaner died on me while I was still cleaning? It'd be a bummer, definitely; it's not like I have the free time to wait for it to charge again. Plus, I'd have to get my cleaning mojo back again, haha! The vacuum cleaner comes with a handy battery indicator so this won't happen. I'm happy to report that while trialling the product on several occasions, we were able to vacuum the entire house on one charge. Charging an empty battery takes ~4 hours, so it's best to plan your cleaning ahead or charge right after you're done vacuuming as LG recommends.

We feel that one power charge, however,  cannot last on an entire house's worth of general cleaning. By general cleaning I mean if you want to do the blinds, furniture and other what-have-yous after doing the floor and carpet. During our testing, we'd just be done with the corners, edges, and the floors before the battery starts blinking or goes to one bar. But to be fair, I wasn't exactly using the lowest power mode.

I like that the power button and controls are ergonomically located at the handle. I didn't need to lean or bend over when I need to pause and attend to something else, or when I need to adjust the power level.

It would be nicer, however, to have a power level display or indicator. It's hard to tell after pressing the controls if the power has been adjusted and what level is it currently on. It's definitely hard to be certain if you're using the minimum, maximum or regular power; although the noise and suction level gives you an idea.

In my experience, the controls will take some getting used to. Because the controls are conveniently located at the handle, during the first few instances that I used the vacuum cleaner, I would accidentally turn it off right after turning it on. Once you get used to moving your grip after turning it on, you should be fine.

With the accessory nozzles, it was easy to clean hard to reach areas which are often neglected - corners, crevices and those annoying folds in sofas and in car seats.  I have to say, though, that the carpet/floor nozzle is thicker compared to our current vacuum cleaner - it couldn't completely go under furniture which would have been nice, though I could use another nozzle to do the job.

I try to squeeze in my cleaning while the bub sleeps, obviously; so I'm very mindful and conscious about how much noise the vacuum cleaner does. I don't want to wake a sleeping baby when he naps as it is such a precious time when they do, as most mums would agree. And while the CordZero's noise level is a great improvement than the one we were using, it's not really noise-free and I suppose that's a given with the high-powered motor inside. During the times I had the vacuum on and he was up, he'd been eyeing it with peculiar curiosity and interest. The sound of it scared him for a moment, too. Cute thing, I suppose he'd get used to it eventually. Just like these cool kids totally rockin' the CordZero!

This wraps up our experience about the LG CordZero Canister C3. You can read about our first impressions and space-saver tip as well.

This post is brought to you by LG and Social Soup. I was given an LG Cord Zero Canister C3 for review consideration 
but all opinions are my own based on my personal experience with the product.

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