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A Christmas Party at the Park

Friday, December 04, 2015tee

It's still something I am getting used to - Christmases in summer. I suppose I'd warm up to the idea, somehow. See what I just did there? :))

This year's first Christmas Party is an outdoor one with some friends at the park. 'Tis after all, is time for picnics and barbies, and to enjoy the sun because come to think of it, we only have a few months of sun. 

We spent a rather sunny (albeit a windy one) day at Bundoora Park. It was a great time of laughs and fun, of games and ogling at babies, of good food while enjoying and celebrating with friends, old and new. Cheers to friends and warm, sunny Christmases!

Red and green. Made some red velvet cupcakes for the occasion.  It looks so festive, yes?

The kiddos.

Crazy, crazy friends.

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