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Foodie: Dexter

Monday, December 14, 2015tee

456 High Street, Preston, Melbourne

Oh how I missed going out for dinners and just going out at night for a change! Thankfully, a bunch of mum friends felt the same way too - so we made a dinner date, sans babies and dads (who lovingly took care of our bubbas for the night!) :) It was a welcome change to finally converse without having to stop mid-sentence because the baby was (fill in the blank here). 

Dexter is a hip and new place in Preston, and thankfully, we had a reservation otherwise it may take a few minutes to get a table. The staff was particularly courteous and attentive, and I enjoyed how casual and hip the place looked and how welcoming and inviting it felt. The menu does not have much on it, and when that usually happens, it means that the place decides to do what they're good at - which for me is a good thing. We had the burgers, and boy, were they huge! The KFC (Kentucky Fried Cauliflowers) was interesting too, and we particularly enjoyed it.

It was a busy night, as with most nights I would presume. The waiter got our orders mixed up (note to self: say "pulled pork meal" instead of "pulled pork" as you might get the bun!) He was happy to return the food and get our orders right, but we didn't mind and had the buns instead. Which in hindsight, was a good choice because the meal was huge and I couldn't possibly finish it all on my own. The tables were full, music was playing, the smell of cooking in the background - it was definitely one busy place. A bit too loud to make a decent conversation with everyone at the table, though. So if you're looking for a quiet, relaxing dinner place to catch up with friends, this may not be it.

With that said, I enjoyed our mums' night out and look forward to the next ones (dads get theirs too). :) It's certainly a blessing to have mum friends who are in the same stage as where you are at right now. Good food, friends and a night or two out - it doesn't need much to make me happy lately.

Pulled pork bun, bone marrow mash and the KFC.

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