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An Escape to Phillip Island

Monday, January 11, 2016tee

Phillip Island has been on the go-to list since I could remember. The sis and I wanted to get away and have a staycation and as if the universe heard our plans, we got good deals at Silverwater Resort. We wanted a chill family holiday, nothing too heavy and draining, and no early or late days. I'd say we hit the jackpot on our staycation as well since we went away when it was the 4-day heatwave at Melbourne. 

The cousins had so much fun, Jaden enjoys being with Ysabelle and tries to talk to her in his own mumbles, while the little girl is a joy with her antics and adores him too! They had fun being in a new environment and curiously exploring the new sights and sounds they encountered. 

Churchill Island Heritage Farm
246 Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island VIC 3925

We enjoyed walking around the farm and witnessing and taking part in their activities. F had her hand at milking a cow, J tried cracking a rope, and we saw a dog show and had a first-hand view of sheep shearing. It was nice to have a countryside experience as well, and to be up close with the animals. 

Panny's Chocolate Factory
930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven VIC 3925

J and I had a quick tour at the Chocolate Factory since F and J already visited it with the folks a couple of years back. I've been to the chocolaterie at the Yarra Valley, but this one's different with the tour. A chocoholic's dream come true. It was definitely enjoyable and educational too - I'd definitely have to remind myself each time I have a piece of chocolate that it takes much work and time for chocolate to come to be. 

The Nobbies
1320 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands VIC 3922 

We decided to go to the Nobbies to enjoy the view and scenery and what a wonderful sight it was. Seagulls were here and there, the place was literally littered with them! We were fortunate to see them in their burrows and chanced upon a hatchling too, which was just learning to walk. Ysabelle had a grand time chasing after the seagulls, after calling out to them and repeatedly saying "catch bird, catch bird!".  The area had a ramp which is a plus for us, especially with the kiddos. The cafe at the center had a magnificent view of the rock formations and the ocean too, but we didn't dine there. 

Swimming at Silverwater Resort
17 Potters Hill Rd, Phillip Island VIC 3925

It was Jaden's first time at swimming and at first he was scared of the water. To be fair, it was a bit cold and very windy. Once he got the hang of it, he enjoyed splashing around and mumbling alot while at it too. The resort had a lot of kid-friendly and family amenities too, such as a game room where J taught me table tennis, an indoor pool/jacuzzi and a playground for the kids.  

Nighttime was something we enjoyed too, chillin' at the suites enjoying the view, sipping some wine, watching movies and playing Cranium! The parents took turns to have child-free dinner dates for a change too, and I'll blog about our date night out when I write about the food. 

It was just so wonderful to go out for a change and to take a break from the daily routines and share it with family. I am grateful to J for supporting my need to wander and working hard to let us enjoy mini breaks and getaways. :) 

Overall, it was a nice bonding experience as a family, and we had so much fun. Jaden was unconsolable when we arrived at home, he was crying so hard when I put him down on the playpen. I guess reality hit him the hardest and he missed playing on the beds and furniture, and being on holidays in general. This kid is indeed a "wanderluster" in the making, there's no wonder where he got that from. 

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