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Here's to a year of firsts!

Monday, February 15, 2016tee

A year has passed since you came into our lives. Looking back, I smile back on how J and I were so clueless to take home a newborn with us. I could in all honesty say that no amount of preparation, no book or class could ever prepare us for what was to come. How beat up, zombie-fied we were on the first few days and how we were running mainly on autopilot and of course, on coffee. How a crying baby scared and gave me the creeps, and how clueless I was to soothe a crying, hysterical baby. How crazy that I was too scared to go out with you on my own, and how I'd camp at the room because he'd be awake on the next half hour anyway. It was pointless to do anything else and if it weren't for your dad and grandparents, I'd probably gone crazy. 

"It gets better", they said. It never felt like it was going to happen, but it did. Just as they say it would. We get better at it, too. 

Then you began to surprise us with the littlest of things, a smile here and a coo there. Your first roll-over, which I think surprised both of us. More milestones ensued, and we discovered you were one who really loves to move and pushes himself to the limit. It shouldn't have been a surprise when you took your first steps at 10 months, but it was awesome and amazing. You love to laugh too, at the silliest and simplest of things. You make mum and dad feel like we're the funniest people in the world. You love looking at your reflection and taking selfies with mum. You even laughed at when you saw the baby staring back in mum's phone. You became so curious, so hell-bent at exploring and discovering the myriad of things all around, pointing at things over and over just to know their names. Boy, how you love music and sounds, too. That you'd bounce and bounce once you hear music. You'd even walk over to your toy just to start the music again after the song ends - over and over again. 

It's so amazing how fast you've grown,how much you've learnt and how easy you learn and pick up  things. Clasping your hands to pray, saying "dada" and "mahmam", bouncing the ball, feeding yourself, waving "byebye". How quick you are to observe and see how things are done too - how you'd copy mum and dad by opening the door, trying to grab and jingle the keys. It's amazing how expressive you are too, you'd be adamant in shaking your head when you don't want to eat anymore and how expectant you look when you want a piece of what mum and dad are eating. How cute you look when you hand over your favourite book and you'd want to sit on our lap for storytime. 

How fast on your feet you've become too! You'll follow mum and dad around, you'll just pop up even at the loo! 

How independent you are, too. Always wriggly and squirmy, you'd rather be on the floor than on our lap. You'd rather feed yourself than be fed. You'd jump at the sight of new things and people and toys that you wouldn't mind that dad and mum leave you for a bit at your cousin's place or at creche. But no matter how independent you are, you'll always come back to mum or dad and touch base, literally. 

We've come so far, the three of us. So, cheers to a year of firsts. Dad and I are enjoying your birthday cake for you, we all deserve it. :) 

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