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Jaden's Kites and Pinwheels Party

Tuesday, April 19, 2016tee

For our little man's first birthday bash, we wanted an intimate gathering of family and friends. I had the place and colour palette in mind and after much consideration, decided on a "kites and pinwheels" theme. Nothing says "LITTLE BOYS ARE FUN" than kites and pinwheels, I suppose. 

Here are some snaps of our simple get-together and the decor we DIY'ed. I never thought I'd be a creative person, but J and I managed to pull it out of ourselves - we managed to sneak in "pinwheels" and "kites" production while Jaden sleeps. In dim-lighting, I might add. Oh the things we do for our kids! The AVP and my mini-projects were a few weeks in the making too, which included the chalkboard design and monthly photos. I enjoyed making the AVP, and more so, watching it, because it reminds me of how fast the year went, and this is indeed a milestone we, as a family, need to celebrate and give ourselves a pat in the back.

Looking back, it's really been God's grace that kept us going throughout the year that was - and it is but fitting to make the party a thanksgiving party of some sort, because we have been immensely blessed and there are so many things to be grateful for.

I was so happy with the output, simple and classy, just I envisioned it. I was so happy that my pinterest-pegs were realised too, from the backdrop, to the colour scheme, to the yummy and too-pretty-to-eat desserts!

It was an intimate gathering of the closest of our family and friends, and we had fun catching up and meeting up with people we haven't met in a while, and of course - meeting and enjoying the star of the party (and every gathering), Jaden Kaleb.

First year, done. Toddlerhood, next. Exciting days ahead - that's for sure.

A look at Jaden's First Year  in photos can be found here.

Event Styling: DIY (Special thanks to Coco Mae and J's family for the decor and setup)
Photography: Nono by Dyan
Dessert Buffet: Tazza by Jerese Sy-Chua (Pastries by Jessica)
Venue/Catering: Tsay Cheng Restaurant

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