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Lavender Fields and Sassafras

Thursday, April 28, 2016tee

For the ANZAC holiday, I was finally feeling better after the awful flu I had since coming back from holiday. After being stuck at home for almost a couple of weeks, the holiday was a much welcomed excuse to head somewhere, just because. Added bonus: it was sunny that day!

105 Quayle Road, Wandin Yallock Victoria 3139

An ode to purple and that whiff of relaxing lavender. Not too strong, just a subtle hint of the scent. Because I wanted to see the lavender fields for myself, and because I had a bias to the colour, we headed to the Lavender Farm. It wasn't exactly lavender season, but we were lucky to have a couple of rows of lavender to admire and take photos of. Would probably go back in the early summer to see the fields full of blooms, though.

It was fun and challenging to have two toddlers in tow, and what a challenge it has been to take a decent photo with them both!
It's you and me, baby. Always.
Lavender products for sale.
Walk with me, dad. Looking at these two makes me go "aawww".
All grown up.
Just chillin' with mah peeps. :))

Next stop: Sassafras. I've always been curious of this storybook-village and its quaint stores. And of course, who would pass up the chance to have some devonshire scones? 

When we arrived there, it somehow reminded me of a tiny town in Black Forest (Germany). We had a quick peek at the colourful and tasty treats at Sassafras Sweet Co., exquisite and wooden toys at Geppetto's workshop, and took a whiff at the delectable candle scents at Bluestone Candles

Of course, a little trip wouldn't be complete without a foodtrip. We had tea at Fortnums. I just couldn't say no to scones (and the little miss, too) and coffee! I have to say that we were pleased with the service at Fortnums and felt it was more spacious and family-friendly than the other cafes in the area. (We missed out on Miss Marples and Ripe).

Overall, I enjoyed our mini-daytrip, and from the tired (but happy, hopefully) faces of the little ones on the way home, I could see they enjoyed their time out too.

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