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Life's a beach: Hennan in photos

Friday, April 15, 2016tee

Being an island-girl, going home always means one thing: the beach! Bohol always boasts of powdery, white-sand beaches that growing up in the island made me a "beach snob" of some sorts. During this trip, we've had this opportunity to spend a weekend with family at a relatively new resort in Panglao, Hennan Resort. 

Hennan's a posh, family-friendly resort in the Alona beach area in Panglao. It was a chill weekender for us - with lots of good food, swimming and more swimming. With Jaden more interactive and walking now, he keeps on animatedly and excitedly pointing at the water. He even drags you to the edge of the pool, oh boy! This one's an island baby for sure, he enjoys swimming and his time waddling and walking at the pool.

Our time our Hennan was our last weekend in the Philippines as well. It was the perfect ending to our holiday. Sun, sea, sand - nothing beats all-year summer in the tropics. 

Here are lotsa photos during our visit.. Enjoy!

Just another obligatory pool selfie.
My little beach hunk.
Looking out the glass window, excited to head out.
Walking on sand. :)
Woohoo, I have the pool to myself!
Little man loves the water so much!
Family love.
Summer and tropical feels. Nothing beats the island life.
Chillin' at the deck with hubster, enjoying the view.

Mum, let's walk to the pool.
We love the beach. He's happy too, just feeling the glare of the sun. 

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