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Snapshots: Jaden at One

Wednesday, April 13, 2016tee

So we've hit a major milestone exactly a month ago: Jaden turned ONE! Just like that, one year has passed. It's amazing how someone so tiny could fill up so much space in your heart and give you reasons to smile.

You, Jaden, will always be a blessing we're thankful for. 

Some random tidbits about Jaden at ONE:

1. He loves to explore, the little explorer that he is. Ever since he started walking at 10 months, he's now off to other goals: climbing, going up/down steps and stairs and running. Oh, little boys are surely fun! I have noticed he loves to follow us around too, I've been getting a "tail" lately, even when going to the loo.

2. He is immensely curious and loves to point at things. He can identify things by pointing at them when you ask him where it is. And it amazes us how easily he'd pick up words and learn by hearing about it or observing.

3. He is trying so hard to learn to talk and has his own mumbles. He's been very vocal lately with his incoherent syllables at different pitches and tones, and I wouldn't be surprised he'd be talking real soon. He's starting to be a parrot - trying so hard to repeat words and imitate sounds.

4. He is a very happy baby and it's so easy to make him laugh and smile. I could now see him as someone who sees the humour in things, and finds joy in whatever he faces.

5. He is very friendly and loves people - even strangers. While other babies have stranger-anxiety, Jaden fearlessly approaches strangers, smiles and plays with them, and even asks them for cuddles!

6. He is very sweet - loves cuddles, tickles and hugs and he enjoys interacting with people! No matter how independent he is, he'd always come back to "home base" - that's me, or J, and give us a pat or a small knee hug.

7. He loves his independence - he walks on his own, and dislikes being held. He yells with glee as if to shout "FREEDOM, yahooooo!" when he is able to walk in open spaces like the mall or at the house or at the church hall. He feeds himself and sleeps on his own (both of which he's been doing since he was a few months old as we did baby-led weaning and sleep-training on him).

8. He loves his food! We've been blessed to have an adventurous eater who'd try and eat just about anything. He especially loves veggies, fruits, bread, cheese, yogurt and surprise, surprise: RICE!

9. He loves music. Early on, we discovered that Jaden has a love for music and sounds. He's particularly interested in musical instruments and songs, and swaying (and clapping to the beat) to songs. He loves to tap and drum things too, from tables to chairs and what-have-yous.

10. He enjoys reading and storytime. It's a little something we do daily, our little thing - and to this day, it amazes me how he's just get his book and put it on my lap and wait for me to scoop him out and let him sit on my lap for us to enjoy storytime. Then he squirms again and wants to walk around.

11. He's relatively an "easy go-lucky" and "low-maintenance" kid, he doesn't fuss or cry much or throw tantrums. He doesn't even cry when he gets hurt. He only fusses/cries when it's really, really painful or he's very, very, very sleepy. Otherwise, he'd just wait, keep mum and smile about it, hoping you'd somehow take the hint.

12. He has really big wide feet, something we recently discovered when we tried shoe-shopping for him. One of the challenges I could foresee is buying shoes for him when most shoe stores don't offer wide shoes.

13. As young as he is, he loves his space and "ME-TIME" too. We noticed it early on. After waking up and having his milk, he doesn't want to play with us. No matter how hard you try to tickle him or talk to him, he'd give you a glassy stare in reply. So we leave him be and he takes his own time playing with his toys and discovering the corners of his playpen. And just like clockwork, an hour later, he fusses and calls us out. ME-Time over.

14. Like dad, he loves his zzzzz's. Jaden loves to sleep that he slept through the night at a month or two. Initially, I was really worried at how much sleep he was getting - but it's all good. There's nothing to complain about, really. :)

15. He now clasps his hands to pray each time he sees food. He mumbles something incoherent, points at the food and clasps his hands. Imagine how this turned out when dining out- he was doing it for every dish that was served! I could imagine he'd be the one to remind us to pray when he turns older! What a joy that would be! It is really a blessing to see him grow, and it is prayer that he becomes a thankful kid who attributes God for his blessings and gifts. :)

Oh, what an adventure it has been! Looking forward to sharing more memories and knowing this little guy more and more! :)

Photos by Nono by Dyan.

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