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We {heart} Bohol

Tuesday, April 26, 2016tee

It always amazes me each time I visit Bohol - there are so many new things to try. New restaurants offering different cuisines, new resorts, and new cafes.  This makes me beam with pride as a island girl - a Boholana,  that tourism has picked up in our little island. 

Boffo Resort
Located in Loon, about 30-45 minute drive from Tagbilaran City, is a hidden resort called Boffo. This is what I love about Bohol, the beach is literally just a few minutes away that we could just go to the beach on a whim or just for a meal with a view, because we can. 

Astoria Resort

Astoria is another resort in Baclayon. We went here at night, to enjoy a sumptuous meal overlooking the sea. I bet it would've been nicer to see it during the daytime, but it's just too hot that we decided that nighttime would do for us. 

Bohol Bee Farm/The Buzz Cafe
Of course, a visit won't be complete without our ever favourite Bohol Bee Farm or Buzz Cafe's ice cream. I wouldn't disclose how many times we've had a scoop or two, let's just say it's worth the splurge for ice cream monsters , that we obviously are. And probably, we would need to double/triple-time on exercising when we got back to Melbourne, haha. 

And there are so much more priceless moments and memories, undocumented but treasured: home-cooked meals shared with family, hearty laughs over silly things, playtime with the grandparents and lots and lots of eating. 

I was nauseous and pregnant with Jaden during my last visit and I hated the smell and taste of food. This time, we made up by eating our heart's fill of kakanin and local delicacies and dishes. Yum! 

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