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Oh, Cebu!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016tee

Cebu will always have a place in our hearts. Most of our friends are in Cebu, we met (and fell in love) in Cebu, and most of our years before we left for Singapore and eventually, Australia was spent in Cebu. 

Before heading home, I had a list. A list of cafes to try. Restaurants to visit. Cuisine to savour. Shops to go to. It was a long list, and a long time in the making, I kept adding each time I see a friend's post, or a write-up, yes, that's how of a foodie I am. I didn't manage to cross a lot on that list, it was too much work with the traffic and the heat and a little one that we stuck with our usual favourites. Oh hello, Dessert Factory, KFC (for J), Casa Verde, and Harbour City, to name a few. 

We discovered a new coffee favourite though, Treat Streets Cafe. I have to admit I have become a coffee-snob of some sorts (Melbourne does that to you, I suppose. Setting the standards way up, being the coffee capital that it is). I was on the lookout for good coffee and I was happy to find Treat Streets Cafe, inside Ayala Center at that! They serve flat white, the beans are from Toby's Estate and the coffee's good. With that, we've become frequenters of the cafe. 

Oh, flat white!

Going back to Cebu, seeing all too familiar places and faces, made me realise that no matter how things change, the things that matter don't. 

Catching up with girl-friends, barkada, friends, family...And shopping, teehee! Oh, I wish we had more time. 

Some much needed girl time with my girlies.

 catching up with Bethany Church friends.
A meetup with Maloi and Louie.

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