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Food Truck Night: Asian Street Food Market

Thursday, June 30, 2016tee

Even a cold weeknight couldn't stop us from visiting the Food Truck Park in Preston for Asian Street Food Market. It was a long weekend and the Asian Street Food Market was on for the Queen's Birthday weekend. It was our first food truck experience, so hurray for firsts! 

We had rice and pork barbecue from the Little Jeepney (because Pinoy, and because rice!) and fried chicken wings from Hello Saigon, both we enjoyed. 

My biggest regret? Passing on the waffles - they looked so legit and delish, but the queue was so bad and we had a sleepy toddler in our hands! I was seriously contemplating on visiting the food truck again the next day for a much-needed chill date (just for the waffles, haha!) with J but we later decided on watching a movie instead. 

To know what's on the Food Truck Park, visit their website here. I can't wait to visit again, I know they're having a dessert festival this July! It's definitely calling out to me and my sweet tooth, so fingers crossed!

Happy faces, happy tummies.

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