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Aviation Museum's Open Cockpit Day

Thursday, November 03, 2016tee

Australian National Aviation Museum
Open Cockpit Day 
1 Second Ave, Moorabbin Airport VIC

"Airplane, airplane! Ride airplane!", he said.

A chance to get up close with airplanes of all shapes and sizes and be inside the cockpits. Witnessing an engine run. Not even wild winds could stop us from going to this event. (Too bad they had to cancel the aerobatic show, it would've been a wonderful treat!)

Airplane enthusiasts young and old came to the event. The turn-up was pretty impressive considering it was the day when the wild winds wreaked havoc in Victoria. It was a good thing we came early so the queues were not too bad and the crowd was manageable. But then again, it could've been to the bad weather as well. 
We spent a good two and a half hours before calling it a day. Needless to say, the little guys had so much fun! Oh the aviator life! :) 

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