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Eltham Miniature Railway

Wednesday, October 19, 2016tee

Eltham Lower Park, Eltham

Victoria 3095

One thing I learned from living in Melbourne is that when it's sunny outside - make the most out of it, go out if you can! Sunny days are precious commodities not to be wasted, haha.

I've been meaning to go to the Eltham Miniature Railway for so long but have been putting it off for warmer Sundays. We finally got our chance on one day that we got some sun and a 20ish-degree weather that we literally leaped at the opportunity to head out before the weather changes its mind! :))  Oh how I love spontaneous and chill Sundays. 

Little guy's been fascinated by trains and anything that goes ("bus, car, vroom vroom", he says) and has been a Thomas the train convert as of late. With his vocabulary picking up and he's definitely becoming interactive and vocal, I feel it's a good time to start taking him out on adventures and see things because I know he's starting to appreciate and remember things. (He sometimes recites memorable things he saw before dozing off to sleep, and if it was a long day, it'd be a long litany!) 

For a good 15 minutes, we took the miniature train ride around Eltham Park. And to be honest, I was enjoying it too much, way too much that I was the one yelling "weee!" during the ride instead of the little one. The little man, however, was so cool and chill - just looking around, quietly pointing at trains, giving a small smile. I could just imagine him being embarrassed by his very uncool mom. :))

Running mainly on Sundays, the railway will definitely keep young ones (and young ones at heart) entertained. There's also some food trucks, pony rides and a playground so it'd be easy to lose track of time. 

From the little man's reaction later on (he kept insisting to replay the videos we took), I know this spot's going to be somewhere we'd be going to over and over again. 

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