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Frankston Sand Sculptures

Sunday, January 22, 2017tee


The Frankson Sand Sculptures is an annual event where tonnes and tonnes of sand are used to build ah-mazing sculptures in Frankston. It runs in summer and in the warmer months. This year's event opened early and we lucky that it was already open and Frankston's along the way from Mornington to Melbourne.

This year's theme is "Land of Imagination" where true-to-life fairytales and story characters are brought to life as sculptors weave their magic on the sand at the Frankston Waterfront.

Castles, gnomes, witches, dwarves and elves, princesses, giants, knights, and even Humpty Dumpty are brought to life in the sand. There were also scenes from Alice in Wonderland - ah, who could forget that cheshire cat and down the rabbit hole? 

There was an activity centre for kids and a sandpit and cubbies for fun in the sand for the little explorers. Photos for the adults, play for the kids. I'd call this a win-win!

Overall, I loved going around and admiring the exhibits. It was realistic, intricate and very detailed. It was a short stop for us so I don't recommend planning to be there the entire day but as a stop.

Sand Sculpting Australia Frankston
510 Nepean Hwy, Frankston VIC 3199

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