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Mornington, Revisited.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017tee

Christmas get-away with the family. This year we decided to take the folks who are visiting to Mornington. We've been to Mornington on a daytrip before and we loved it, we decided there's still loads to see and experience and it'd be a great get-away as a family. The weather cooperated with us and gave us much needed sun during the trip. Definitely goes well with vitamin sea! :) 

Since we had time to spare after the drive and before check-in, we decided to tour around a bit. We stopped at Cape Schanck Lighthouse and Arthur's Seat for some touristy shots and sight-seeing. We managed to see the Eagle Skylift in Arthur's Seat but opted not to ride the cable car. It was a pity that were lots of flies around the lighthouse that we decided to cut our hike short. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful start to our Mornington trip - lots of scenic and instagram-worthy views. 

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