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Peninsula Hot Springs

Saturday, February 04, 2017tee

What is a holiday without some much needed and deserved R&R? The sis made it a point that we go to the Peninsula Hot Springs for us to try it out and we happily complied. 

We arrived early as the hilltop pool is off-limits to children from 10AM onwards. This makes sense since the hot springs tend to be busier with bathers during that time period. Since we had a couple of kiddos with us, we made sure to hit the hilltop pools first. Little ones were warming up to the idea  (see what I did there?) and were splashing gleefully in no time.

After a couple of hours trying out the different baths, sauna and pools, we were ready to call ourselves refreshed and energised from the experience. Surrounded by nature, it was a welcomed treat especially to this tired mum. :) The kiddos had different plans though - if it were up to them, they would've stayed there for the day. 

Peninsula Hot Springs
40 Springs Ln, Fingal VIC 3939

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