What's Up, 2018?

Monday, February 12, 2018tee

Life happened and before I knew it, I've left this blog and one of my passions out in the air for the longest time. And just like that, the days changed into months and another year came to be. I once said I wouldn't let that happen, but oh well.

Definitely a lot of things happened in the past year. A lot of adventures, weekend daytrips, food trips yet to be documented. Let's just say I've been living my life and enjoying things mostly offline, haha, excuses.  But the biggest blessing would probably be the reason why I've been so out of it lately - we'll be welcoming another member of Team JK Lo soon! It wasn't the easiest and chillest first months of pregnancy, that I have to say. That and balancing family life, everyday things, routines, commitments and a toddler in my hands. Looking back, I can also say it's been God's grace that made me survive these past few months!

Our little family, Christmas 2017.

2018's here and I couldn't be more excited and grateful for what is to come to our little family. Definitely looking forward for what's in store for us this year. Hopefully a few minutes or two to catch up on my writing and blogging, too. This space has been a part of me for years and would definitely want to keep it that way for longer. Having this blog makes me look back and reminisce the highlights of the past years: appreciate how much things have changed, how God has been so kind and gracious, and yet see how things that matter remain the same no matter what. So yeah, here's wishing that I'd have the brain space to blog more this year! :))

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