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Friday, March 23, 2018tee

Like any other mother expecting her second child, I've always wondered how my heart could ever accommodate loving another child as much as I love my first. The easy answer? It just does. The heart just grows and grows and there's more than enough love to go around.

"You won't know how much love your heart could hold until you become a parent."
This holds true, apparently, after every child you get. Your heart just grows and grows to hold more love as each addition comes along.

Team JK Lo welcomes and presents our latest addition, Keira Selene. Our hands are busy these days, our sleep numbered, our days crazier, but our hearts are definitely fuller.

We've always liked the name Keira (Ki-rah) hence the name. 
Her second name, Selene, is from her two grandmothers - Serena and Helen. 

Big brother Jaden was all smiles and excitement when he met her for the first time. 
He has been looking forward to it for the longest time.

Oh, love!

Just a typical weekend selfie. Smiling but #thestruggleisreal, haha.

Oh the feels. 

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