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To the little boy who just turned three

Monday, March 26, 2018tee

How fast and quickly the days have gone by. Especially the last month where it was full of beautiful surprises and adjustments for all of us when your sister was born.

Every night for a few weeks before your little sister was born, I must have been looking at photos of you, of us, since you came into our lives. How fast and quick it has been. You’ve given us so much joy and love - taught us so much about ourselves in the process. You’ve been so excitedly looking forward to having a sibling, the sibling you’ve been asking and praying for. You have had grand plans - teach her how to crawl, share with her your favourite toys, play with her, carry her. You’d teach her things you know of already, you said. “I know numbers, letters, animals. I’ll teach shobe”.

I found myself holding you close everyday and tighter, unable to let go.. We had our days, you and I. You were always my baby. My first. You were oblivious to the change that was to come. I was more worried about you coping than anything else. When you first saw her, my doubts seem to fade. You ran towards her, stroked her and sang “Skidimarinkidoo i love you”. You pointed your finger to her when it was time to sing “i love you”. Bittersweet, you used to point that finger at me. 

The time at the hospital was the longest time I had away from you. Before, I never missed a bedtime or a “good morning”. When we came home with her, you rushed to her, kissed her and said “hi shobe!”. Hey, mummy’s here too.

Now you have your new "love", your new "buddy". 

I am always amazed discovering about your personality as it get revealed. What a gentle and sensitive soul you are. You’re not one to pick fights. You’d give way to other kids and carefully tread making sure you don’t hit anyone when they get near. You try to pick up little babies so they can join in the fun - they can’t climb the big slide so you try to carry then and prop then up. You put them on your lap during story time so they’d see the book and photos better. How sympathetic, considerate you are. So affectionate, so full of joy and wonder and awe. It doesn't take much to make you laugh. What a riot it is when you find a word sounds funny or when something gives you the sillies. What a chatterbox you’ve become too. It’s amazing you can carry a conversation now too and how amazing your mind works. And that memory of yours too, you'd easily pick up things and remember too. Sure, as with any toddler, you've had your brooding and difficult days too. Days when my patience is ever so limited and your tantrums are ever so endless. But somehow, the good ones make up for it. They always do.

You’ve been looking forward to be a “bigger boy" when you turn three. “I'm not a baby”, you keep on insisting.

You’d always make it a point to ask me if I’m okay when I shriek in surprise or when you hear some clattering noise in the kitchen. You’d ask if I’m better when I tell you I’m not feeling too good. I cherish these moments and the tiny surprises in between. When you just give us a hug just because, or when you used to give my baby bump a kiss and talk to “shobe”. I admire how grateful you are at things I now, as an adult, find ordinary. How you express your thanks “I am happy aunty talked to me today and Saysay and I play”. “I am happy I have a present. Look, it’s nice.”

Things have been a bit crazy lately. You tirelessly ask me to play with you, even if most of the time my hands are full tending to your sister. Still you keep on asking and inviting me even if I always say “Wait, not now.. Maybe later.” most times. Keep on persisting and be patient with me, buddy. We’ll get our groove back again. 

This is it, buddy. You’re officially three.

To bigger boy adventures and misadventures, together. Love you to the moon and back. And then back some more.

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