Who's THREE?

Thursday, March 29, 2018tee

Little guy requested a trucks and cars cake for his birthday. But of course! The fascination for cars, trucks, trains and anything that goes continues.

I made a promise to him and to myself that by hook or by crook, he's going to get that cake. Newborn haze, sleepless nights, busy and crazy days.. no matter what. I wanted him to feel special and to be happy, and boy, that look on his face when it lit up seeing his cake, was worth it all. It just took a few hours here and there over a span of days, but I did it!!! :))

Little guy requested to go swimming for his birthday and so he did that with dad. Then we had a low-key family dinner at our go-to Korean place and called it a day. I have only brain cells to make a cake, and not to organise a party, after all. :p


My little love. Tired from all the excitement, though.

Happy to get a present! Oh little joys.

Here's to you and being three!!!

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