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A Wild One | Explorer Joint Party

Thursday, February 28, 2019tee

I've been wanting to do a woodland party for ages. I'm not really for typical gender-specific themed parties and I try to avoid stereotypes in terms of colours (which is proving to be a challenge dressing up the kids lately as apparently mostly kids' clothes are in blue and pink.)  And while I still can and they let me do it, I try to inject my "theme" into their celebrations. I think first birthdays are the best time to do it, no one's able to complain and have an opinion yet, haha.

As Jaden and Keira are born exactly a month apart, we thought we could get away with a joint  birthday celebration.

Inspired by woodland animals, teepees, pine trees, here's our take on a wild one/explorer party.
Most of the decor are store-bought, and I DIY'ed the teepees and trees. I designed the invitations and loot-bag labels.

I did the kids' cakes. I didn't want to fondant as I personally don't like the taste of fondant and I didn't have enough time to do it. Plus, my fondant-decorating skills are yet to be perfected. I had what I wanted - rustic, (relatively easy), yummy.

Keira: Vanilla Funfetti with buttercream frosting

Jaden: Triple Chocolate Cake - Devil's foodcake with chocolate frosting

I did the dessert table. As I enjoy doing desserts, it was not a biggie, although I had to do some planning to get everything done.

Leche Flan | Ube Jam | Black Sambo | 
Cookies and Cream Cupcakes | Red Velvet with cream cheese Cupcakes.

What a fun day it was. Seeing Jaden's face light up from the excitement and the fun, that made everything worth it. I'm pretty sure Keira would be happy when I show her the photos when she's older, but for now, I don't think she cares much, haha.

 Now time to put my feet up, give myself and J a pat on the back, and have a rest.

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