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Tuesday, February 19, 2019tee

Happy birthday, little girl.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I’ve been so preoccupied doing this and that, taking care of you and your brother that somehow, a year crept up on all of us and here we are. Bam! It certainly feels like it was yesterday when I had you and I held you for the first time. And here you are, so big yet still so little. ONE, that’s huge.
I try to enjoy every little bit, knowing these days I could never take back. And it’s so wonderful to see you growing to be the little girl that you are. You are such a sensitive soul, so careful and shy at first before warming up. I can see the girly-girl in you now, how you like to rest your head on your palm, making pacute. And all the cute faces you make especially when you don’t get things your way. 

You adore your big brother more than anything else - playtime’s fun with him, sharing toys (and grabbing toys from each other). And how amazing and special it is to witness your bond with your dad, and how your face lights up when you see him. “Da-da. Dy-dy!”, you call him. How you like to cuddle and snuggle up to me, and turn to me for comfort like nothing else will do. 
You are sweet. I love how you’d kiss us with wet, sloppy kisses in our cheeks. You’re starting to be independent too - feeding yourself and drinking and grabbing your water bottle by yourself. And how you love your food - I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d grow up to be a foodie, haha.

I enjoy seeing how curious you are when you face new things. How excited you are when suddenly there’s a big space for you to crawl around - you’d be off, zooming past all of us like there’s no tomorrow.
I love seeing the special bond you have with your ahia. How you laugh non-stop at his antics, and how inconsolable you seem when he’s away for the day. How you bring out his caring, sweet nature. 

You’re babbling now and trying to communicate. Incoherent syllables, but you’re reaching out to us - urging us to play, to give you food or just to take and cuddle you. And how you talk and babble at the toy phone like you’re doing a business deal, that cracks us up. It’s amazing how interactive you are now too, how playful and mischievous you are at times. And how burst into fits of giggles, and give us a smile after letting us work for it, oh wow. You now copy and understand simple instructions - clap, “no, no, no”, saying ‘hello’ and waving ‘bye’ to name a few. And of course, “more food, please!”, that’s a staple. You can point to things when asked, and can blurt out one syllable words. "Car, car! Vroom vroom", you'd say, as you hold up your brother's toy car. Having a brother surely has its perks, yes? You seem to pick cars, trains and tools over any other toy these days. 
I love hearing you giggle and laugh. Maybe because you seemed so serious as a baby, that we appreciate every smile and laugh we get. It sounds almost musical and it is so genuine, and your eyes get lost while you do so too.
A part of me wishes I could linger more. You’ve reminded me so much of the “wonder and awe” of the baby months, with you leaping into milestone upon milestone. I might have been through these ages ago, but there is still this sense of magic and awe each time I see you do something for the first time. I seem to have forgotten how crazy and beautiful it is, and you have reminded me of that. And while I admit I will miss your delicious, baby smell and your littleness, I am so looking forward to know you more and little child that you are.

So let’s celebrate you and how you’ve brought us all together. Me and your dad through a year of parenting in sleep-deprivation and balancing marriage, kids, commitments and everything else. For the both of us and for the breastfeeding journey that has lasted us a year and counting - I never thought we’d make it past a week (or honestly, even a day was a stretch!) and yet here we are. You taught me of my strength and just how endlessly and wholly my heart could love. You taught me to strip down to the basics, appreciate these little pockets of time that I’m given and be chilled-out in my parenting. For your brother and the opportunity you’ve given him to be an awesome big brother to you and for the teachable moments you bring every day- how to share, be selfless, loving, sweet and kind. I will always remember finding him sitting in a corner when he was almost 2. Curious, I looked on and realised as I listened to his mumblings, that he was praying for a baby. You are his and our answered prayer, and I’m grateful to see the bond you as siblings share.

This and more, you did, little one. And you’ll never know just how much we love you.
Birthday dinner. You're to young to remember this, but you're surrounded with so much love.

Lotsa love. Cheers to our family! We all survived our first year as four!

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