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Tuesday, February 18, 2020tee

If I had to describe you in a few adjectives, they would all be strong words. You, little girl, are strong-willed. Fierce. A go-getter. Independent. A wild one. Cheeky and playful. Girl, you have sass.

I keep on saying (and whinging) how different you are than your brother. I forget, in my comparison, that you are different people and truth be told, I have been different with you than I was with him. Hard to admit, but my parenting style have toned down. I have become much chilled and relaxed. Because I have found my hands to be much fuller now, too. Good for you, I suppose - you have free reins when I had hawk-like eyes watching over your brother’s moves when he was your age. I let you get away with other non-essential things I would’ve never let your brother do. You got to experience things way earlier than he did - playgroup, pencils, textas, stickers, paint. I believe this, and a combination of your personality, made you who you are. In the end, I can’t whinge about it after all.

If I had all the time in a day, I wish I could’ve lingered longer and paid attention to you longer. I feel sorry that most times you have to fight for my attention as I get caught with the many things I have to give my attention to. But know I am here for you. Always. I am somehow thankful for your insistence as you drag me to play with you and “demand” things done right away - a not-so-gentle reminder for me to stop and enjoy you, us, for the moment.

As the second child, you get dragged to whatever we were already doing before you were born, we didn’t work around your naps and routines, you simply had to fit in. You get dragged around, and just recently to kindy/school runs. This made you flexible, I think. Sleep sometimes had to be on the go if needed be.

I proudly look at you and see how you’ve blossomed from a baby to a child. A clingy, needy, careful baby to a more confident, sociable child. I enjoy seeing bits and pieces of you show each day, and how you are making your own mark, as your own person each day. You no longer cling to me, dad or Ahia as much. You have your crew now. You are no longer a shadow to your big brother or me, but it is still refreshing to see you make us your “home base”. I love how you enjoy dancing and Mainly Music sessions so much, and that you’d move around (or try to imitate the actions) in the middle. I love how you are so into Wiggles these days - it’s Emma, Emma, Emma right now. That, and Minnie Mouse too.

The cake had to be Emma's bow, of course.

I love how you adore Ahia so much, and how you attempt to play (cars and trains and PJ Masks are so in at the moment) and do what he does (seriously though, the couch climbing has to stop!). You adore Ahia so much that you’d be a mess when it’s time to part. Maybe because you feel you have to be where he is at and fear on missing out on whatever he’s doing. You were a mess when he had to go to school for the first time. “Ahia school, I miss ahia”, you said on the car ride right after drop-off. You’d be so happy to be reunited with him and of course, scavenge his lunchbox for leftovers, haha. I pray that you’d grow closer in the years and this beautiful bond as siblings would stay even when you’re all grown up.

You adore older girls these days. You’d love to play with them- squealing their names even when they’re far. You’d hold their hands and lead (more like pull!) them to walk with you, all over the place if possible. And they adore (and nurture and over-mother you) you too.

You are so cheeky. “No” probably means a different thing in your mind as you try to challenge and cheekily do the things you’ve been forbidden to with a mischievous gleam in your eye and a giggle at that, too. Oh boy, it has been a challenge with discipline these past few months with your antics and your willfulness.

Your baby-ness is fleeting right under my nose. We can actually understand your babbles now. You toddle around (Ahia calls your bouncy runs the “Keira is galloping like horse” run). You laugh and giggle and squeal. You make your emotions and intentions known, there’s no mistaking it. You are forming your own opinions too about what to wear. “Shoes, no no crocs!” when I thought I could get away with putting on your house footwear. “That one, wow nice”, you’d say as you choose what dress to wear. “Red clip, that one.” “No, don’t like that!”, you said when I picked out your footwear. Getting out of the house has become quite a challenge with your insistence to do things on your own. “Just me, self... self”, you’d say when you want to buckle yourself to your own carseat, and your insistence to go up and down the stairs without assistance. Little Miss Independent, you’d push our helping hands away just to make your point.

Your words are sounding clearer, you can now mumble things coherently. You’d even say your name out loud correctly. You are saying whole sentences now, I am so amazed. It won’t be long that you’ll be chattering away.

My little baby, you are two. I hope we’ll breeze through this year as I imagine the bursts of emotions and challenging feelings that are yet to come. On the other hand, I don’t want it to go by too quickly. Let me enjoy you and us for a little while.

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