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Wednesday, May 27, 2020tee

My little big boy.

Where do I begin? A lot of things have happened this year, the biggest was you starting school. I love how mature you sound and seem when you speak, how confident and how overflowing with words you are, my chatterbox. I love the unlimited hugs I get - “I’ll never let you go, mummy!” “I love you googolplex and more than anything in the world!” I love how easily amazed you are and how you wander at the world. And how fast you're picking up things and learning - reading, writing, maths. You have been so into craft lately, almost always busy scribbling, writing, colouring and cutting, painting. I am finally getting “heaps” of artwork and cards from you! Our house is filling up with your crafts. Colouring is now a favourite, and wow, it's pretty impressive that you've become so much better at it too. I love how generous and thoughtful you are. You don’t have money at hand to buy things, but you willingly pick out things from your toys or belongings and wrap them in paper and give them as “presents” to us. You once gave me a “love heart” duplo. These little things make my heart smile. You always have a heart for others, considering them, thinking about them and about what they feel. You’re now so quick with your bike. You finally let us take the training wheels off over summer. Truth be told, you were ready way before then. I just didn’t have the time and you were apprehensive to do so. Now, you’ll tell me you’ll teach me how to ride, and you’ll buy me a bike with your money in the bank. You and Keira have a dynamic too. I love how you look out for her and explain to her things simply. “You don’t play with this ok? You understand?” I can sense you almost echoing me, as if you’re the grownup between you two. I love seeing you play together, you bossing her around and giving her instructions most of the time. I love seeing candid glimpses of how much you care for one another. Tiny hugs here and there. Kisses. I love yous. I love seeing you together sharing a moment or two, and that time when you play so nicely, helping each other out build things or do crafts. Looking at how you two work makes me realise how blessed she is to have you to look out for her, and for her to have a big brother, something I had wondered about whilst I was growing up. It is my only hope and prayer that you guys will remain close and sweet to another as you get older. You’ve made friends at school, easily as you always do. I wasn’t suprised when you got home bringing a birthday card from someone in your class, someone I didn’t think was your friend. Walking at school, there’s always someone saying “Hello, Jaden!” and you’d wave back, shrug and tell me, “I don’t know their name.” I love that you call me your bestfriend. And I am enjoying that we get to chat at night how your day has been. You always recount vividly the day’s highlights - who’s been nice, unkind and what made you happy. Sometimes, you can’t remember after a long day and that’s alright. After a tiring day of school, it’s the only time we get to be ourselves, nothing to rush doing and finishing, and you’ve finally unwinded. I get you back, I get unlimited tight hugs and kisses and everything seems to stop at that moment. Time is fleeting, you’ve gone through a growth spurt too. You’re now a kid and all I have left of that baby 5 years ago are some photos, some tiny clothes and memories. But I am enjoying each year and phase as they come. No matter what, know that I love you kiddo. I love you googolplex times and over.

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